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Senator Sam Brownback in Our Age to Age ClassroomThe three illnesses that plague nursing homes are loneliness, helplessness and boredom. Through the many intergenerational programs and other activities provided, Windsor Place staff and the community do their best to combat these illnesses and keep the elders healthy.

In an effort to keep our community members engaged in the Coffeyville community, Windsor Place and the USD 445 school district have partnered for many years in providing intergenerational programs to Windsor Place elders. Both elders and children alike, enjoy the time they have together whether it is reading, doing homework or special craft/project work.

Because of this deepening partnership, the next logical step was to have a classroom in the facility. The USD 445 School Board and Windsor Place partnered again to make this happen. On August 25,
2008, an all-day kindergarten class began right in the middle of Windsor
Place. The elders each day gather around in anticipation of the children’s arrival. The children arrive with smiles, eager to expand their education.

This Age to Age classroom is organized where children are partnered at Age to Age Classroomvarious points throughout the day with the elders to read, exercise and learn valuable lessons that only the elders can provide. The children are also involved in activities at the school so that interaction with other children occurs and prepares them for next school year, when they will attend Community Elementary.

This is a legacy that began with an idea and grew to fruition in our community. We are excited to be able to host a classroom and continue the fight against loneliness, helplessness and boredom, as well as provide a unique education to each of the children. Windsor Place is trying to unbecome a nursing home because nobody wants to go to a nursing home.
We are employees in the home of the community seniors. We believe that “Good enough is never good enough, if better is possible!”

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