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Coffeyville Medicare 1Windsor Place is a certified Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility with a compliment of licensed therapists and a comprehensive restorative staff. The rehabilitation program successfully returns over thirty percent of people admitted to our facility to their own homes. Therapists are licensed by the State of Kansas and provide physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and speech-language pathology (ST).

The entire Medicare team of licensed nurses, social service staff and therapists meet weekly to coordinate the resident’s care needs in collaboration with the primary physician. Care plans, progress reports and treatment protocol are discussed and shared by all disciplines to best serve the resident receiving these services.

Physical Therapy: The physical therapy program provides intervention strategies to improve strength, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance and/or pain management. Therapists instruct residents in skilled techniques to improve their ability to walk, climb stairs, and increase physical stamina. This training may include the use of adaptive devices and equipment.

Occupational Therapy: The goal of the occupational therapy program is to assist residents in achieving greater self reliance in activities of daily living, which include dressing, personal grooming and eating. Occupational therapists are specialists in recommending adaptive equipment and other environmental changes to help the resident function safely.

Speech Therapy: The primary focus for the speech-language pathologist is to return the resident to the highest potential of communication for his or her environment. Treatment strategies involve teaching compensatory techniques to improve swallowing, speaking, listening, reading and writing comprehension, language interpretation and expressive skills.

Restorative Aides: In addition to licensed therapists, Windsor also has a comprehensive restorative program. A nurse serves as supervisor to a team of three certified restorative aides. Specific areas of focus include ambulation programs, range of motion schedules, communication measures, restorative dining/assistive feeding devices, skin breakdown prevention and assist with ADL’s (activities of daily living). A Bladder Scan device assists the restorative department in assessing incontinence problems and allows the staff to design an incontinence management program specific to the area of functional need.

Independence Through Functionality: Our physical therapy gym is equipped with pieces of Reiser equipment. "Independence Through Functionality" is our strength-building program designed especially for the older adult. Research studies indicate the following outcomes for participants: increased muscle strength, enhanced joint flexibility, improved body composition, improved ability to walk longer distances without tiring, reduced occurrence of falls, increased cardiovascular endurance, improved blood pressure and decreased pain/discomfort caused by arthritis. Our program offers and individualized exercise program that considers the normal effects of aging under the supervision of trained personnel.

Hospice Program: Windsor provides private suites for the care of terminally ill residents. A quiet place with provisions for family privacy helps during this most difficult time. Our staff, in collaboration with our Hospice partner, is committed to meeting these special needs.

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