Iola - Classroom

Iola ClassroomUSD 257 and Windsor Place have partnered to offer a pre-school here.

We remodeled 2 large rooms for the school to house their pre-school.  Teachers, who are employed by the school district, teach the 4-5 year olds here.  Our residents are involved throughout the day with the school children by going in and helping them in their learning centers, by greeting them in the mornings, by having exercise class together with them, by forming relationships that help both the kids, and themselves.  Children are not afraid of nursing homes. They are not afraid of a person in a wheelchair, or geri-chair. They are not afraid of the elderly.  Our residents are needed in these kid’s lives. They are needed to be there, to love unconditionally, to help them with their learning and their development.  This program is life changing. We are very proud of it!Iola4

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