Windsor Place Operating Philosophies
  • No one wants to go to a nursing we must not be one.
  • Talk to each other...not about each other. No sandbagging.
  • Leadership is the solution. Develop leaders throughout the organization.
  • We are all here to serve others.
  • The Mission Statement, which is our purpose for existing, is alive and guides the organization's direction.
  • Declared values, which are our desired behavioral characteristics, must be practiced by us, individually and corporately, to create a healthy living and work environment.
  • This must be a "work", not a "job". If the work is worthwhile, the employee will be regarded as worthwhile. Must have leadership who honors and serves the worth of the employee.
  • Our most important customer is our employees.
  • There is a one-to-one correlation between the manner in which employees perceive they are being treated by their supervisor and the company, and the manner in which the employee treats their customer.
  • Good enough is never good enough if better is possible.
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